Hello, we're Oxus International.
Thank you for your interest in our Oxus oxygen concentrator.

Oxus oxygen concentrator was patented for developing the IRS oxygen generation process for the first time in the world, which boasts higher purity of oxygen. Also, all of Oxus’s development and production processes employ only components of the highest quality and Oreco is ISO 9001-certified.

Used by a range of industries worldwide, Oxus oxygen concentrators allow you to produce the oxygen exactly where you need it, when you need it and in the quality that you need. We are currently supplying medical oxygen concentrators to Corona emergency areas first, and please refer to the following for exportable products and related inquiries.


For export inquiries regarding medical oxygen concentrators,
please contact the contact information below.
Also, you can find data on export products and prices in the file below.

E-mail : oxusinter@naver.com
Tel : 82-2-1661-8741